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May 2017

Natem in the USA is collaborating with his son Raúl, leader of Amigos de la Amazonía (Friends of the Amazon), to build a two room schoolhouse for a Shuar village in the Morona Santiago Province of Ecuador.

Currently these children have a very long 45 minute walk down an extremely dangerous road to go to school. On a recent trip to Ecuador, Natem and Raúl met with the people of this Shuar community to asses their most dire needs. They all agreed that a schoolhouse in their own village, for the safety of their children, was at the top of the list. They continued on to determine the cost of supplies needed to build a two room schoolhouse and estimated it to be around $14,500 USD.

Only $2,500 needed to finish the school by adding windows, desks and chairs.

Shuar Children

Thank you!

This project is dear to our hearts and we know that this relatively small amount of money is making an enormous impact to this community and its children. As of now the foundation has been laid, and the frame and roof are in place. We are finishing up the walls and now only need windows. Everyone in the community has been working hard and is very excited and grateful as this project nears completion.

Thank you to all those who helped us make this dream a reality; 100% of your contributions went directly to the building of this schoolhouse, no admin deductions, no middlemen.

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Friends of the Amazon / Asociación Amigos de la Amazonía
Any donation large or small will make a difference :)


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