Natem Anank

Natem’s mission is to fight for the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest and the traditional Shuar customs that are being destroyed and contaminated.

Natem was raised deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon in the traditional “Shuar of the Sacred Waterfalls” way. He is a Shuar UWISHIN (Traditional Healer) guided by the Great Spirit ARUTAM and the wisdom of his ancestors.

In 1991 Natem came to the United States as a member of a band called “Grupo Chaarip” who performed at various international events. Their hope was to generate interest in the Shuar culture and raise awareness about the devastating consequences that over-consumption has on the Amazon rainforest- the lungs of the world.

Currently living in the Pacific Northwest, Natem participates in a variety of conferences in the United States and abroad. Depending on the age and interests of the audience, he discusses a wide range of topics including Native, environmental and spiritual perspectives. He believes we must create a human bridge in the world that unites people of all tribes with PEACE, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING and RESPECT.

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