Tsaank Meditations

Traditional Shuar Tsaank Meditation Ceremonies

If you live in the greater Seattle area you may be interested in driving to Gold Bar and joining us for a very special meditation ceremony. For thousands of years the Shuar have meditated every night with one of their sacred plants, Tsaank. The Latin name for this plant is Nicotina Rustica. Each family has a few of these beautiful plants growing near their home. First they burn a small area of ground, wait a week or two and then plant Tsaank there, never using fertilizer or pesticides. This plant in not used for smoking, only for healing and meditation.

The leaves are soaked in water to make what looks like a very black tea. This dark liquid is then inhaled, a little bit in each nostril. You will have a brief burning sensation as you inhale it, but the benefits far outweigh this minor discomfort. Tsaank works to purify you of negativity and toxins. Ideas and answers begin popping into your head and you will feel incredibly relaxed.

In the process of cleansing your body, Tsannk tends to generate a lot of extra saliva. If you have an aversion to people spitting then this would not be the right kind of meditation for you. The toxins need to leave your body somehow, whether it be in the form of watery eyes, sneezing or spitting.

It is a privilege to share this meditation experience with a tribal elder from the Amazon right here in our back yard. We hope you will join us for a relaxing and enlightening adventure uniting ourselves with the natural world. If you are interested in joining us for a meditation ceremony please contact natem@nunkui-shuar.org for a schedule and directions.

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