Welcome to UWI NAMPER!

UWI Festival, June 2018

We, the SHUAR of the Sacred Waterfalls, are honored to invite you to share in UWI NAMPER. A traditional Sacred dance ceremony that will be held in the Ecuadorian Amazon in June 2018.

According to our Ancestors, the SHUAR were born in the Amazon jungle thousands of years ago. From generation to generation they discovered more about their own Real world through guidance from Father ARUTAM. Survival in the Rainforest was not easy but the SHUAR learned through crisis situations to become one with Real life. Isolated from other cultures, this knowledge slowly expanded into the four winds.

We would have been quite centralized around spiritual concepts because our Ancestors received direct teachings from INFINITE BEINGS. Teachings that came to us at Sacred Waterfalls, with NATEM, Maikiuamamu, encounters with Father ARUTAM amidst a great storm, Natemamu and many more. Now, this health-giving Wisdom is in grave danger of being lost due to severe threats from different religions and colonization. Despite these contradictions among mortals, we, their true children, keep the INFINITE BEINGS alive by continuing to practice as our Ancestors did. Naturally, we will never be their equals but we do not want to lose them completely.

SHUAR youth are abandoning the Wisdom of their Ancestors and following the ways of Western teachings. As a result the Shuar Culture is fading, people of the Rainforest have become confused by false teachings and are now deteriorating morally and spiritually.

IS THERE HOPE? Father ARUTAM created this marvelous UNIVERSE and gave it to all humans so we may multiply in it, and care for it, with Faith and respect. Unfortunately we have failed to do our part, but NATEMA JEE – HOUSE OF NATEM, is inspired to open its arms to all sisters and brothers, Shuar and non-Shuar, so they will always be welcome to join in a traditional Sacred dance ceremony. I wish to share one of them with you. My Ancestors called it UWI NAMPER (UWI Festival).

UWI is a plant in the palm family with a thorny stalk and leaves. This plant has its own Sacred, secret characteristics of which I will share a few with you. In order to collect seeds, you must hold two fruits with both hands and place them behind you at waist level, against a wall you can crush and break open the fruit. Next, you prepare an appropriate place and seed bed. When the plants are approximately five inches high you transplant them. As occurs with all nature, it takes a long time for them to start bearing fruit.

What does UWI mean? Uuu means storm, Wii means I. I come forth like a fierce storm. My Ancestors celebrated these Sacred dances each year in honor of our Father ARUTAM in gratitude of this natural abundance. This plant is very attractive to all and the season of UWI is a time of development for birds, four-legged animals, insects, and fish.

We have our traditional steps to follow: harvest, cook, peel, chew or mash it, mix with warm water and fill many pots. Place the pots around the central post of the house. Have a ceremony that starts around 8 pm. Dancers form a circle around the pots full of UWI. The leader of the ceremony must be an Elder who is an expert on the life of the UWI plant. Along each wall the dancers kiss the pots full of UWI, this is part of the power of the Sacred songs. It is an important tradition to laugh during the dance, because laughter brings more energy and healing, born though the power of UWI.

The dance ceremony ends at midnight, when the Lead Elder finishes singing to all the relations from the life of the UWI plant. After that the Lead Elder takes a sip of Uwi from a tube made of papaya leaf then permits it to be served to all UWI NAMPER participants. In honor of Father ARUTAM and our Ancestors, there may be no UWI drink leftover at the end of the ceremony.

After the ceremony a few couples will demonstrate a traditional dance, devoting themselves to one another just as the Ancestors had done. We will then give awards for the best traditional regalia. This will be followed by a general dance for all UWI NAMPER participants.

Monday, June 18
Meet participants at the airport in Quito, Ecuador and travel to Macas
Tuesday, June 19
Enjoy the Macas area
Wednesday, June 20
Hike to the Sacred Waterfalls to purify ourselves then spend the evening sharing in a GARDEN OF NATEM healing ceremony*
Thursday, June 21
Return to NATEMA JEE
Friday, June 22
Meet with Shuar participants, relax and enjoy the area
Saturday-Sunday, June 23 & 24
UWI NAMPER program starts at 10 am and continues through until the next day
Monday, June 25
Recuperation time

*This GARDEN OF NATEM healing ceremony will be held for those from other countries so they may discover their Real world and enter their real purified life, ready to participate in UWI NAMPER.

Travel from Quito airport on June 18th only
Participation in the GARDEN OF NATEM at the Sacred Waterfalls
Participation in the UWI NAMPER traditional Sacred dance ceremony
Camping, and food from June 20 – 25, 2018
Total cost = $700 USD per person

After UWI NAMPER festival, if you would like to continue enjoying the Rainforest we recommend a day trip via canoe to visit an animal rescue center, heritage museum and a tradtional Quechua village. Please let us know in advance if this is of interest.

NATEMA JEE is in the Rainforest approximately 20 kilometers from Macas, in the Province of Morona Santiago.

I call it NATEMA JEE – House of Natem, house of healing and transformations. My spirit flies above all obstacles discovering limitless horizons, because with faith humans will always be full of: PEACE, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING and RESPECT.


Thank you for your interest in the SHUAR of the Sacred Waterfalls.
For more information please contact Natem@Nunkui-Shuar.org

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