SHUAR UWISHIN: Traditional Shuar Healer

Shuar culture arose from thousands of years of adapting to perilous life in the Amazon rainforest. We were isolated from other cultures and united with the natural world.

In the Shuar language the word UWISHIN means “the WISDOM and the POWER”. To become an UWISHIN you must have high moral standards and be prepared to dedicate your life to this great responsibility. This is a sacred path that is not to be confused with other professions that you can abandon at anytime. To receive this new spiritual power, a student must tolerate many years of sacrifice and special diets.

An UWISHIN must be prepared to respond in full spiritual presence to any situation requiring their wisdom, any day, any time, for the rest of their life.

To learn more about becoming an UWISHIN please contact Natem.

Powerful Shuar Warrior and Healer

In memory of Wisum Kayap,a powerful Shuar warrior and dedicated UWISHIN

This sacred spiritual world has traditionally been thought of as a gift from Father ARUTAM (the Great Spirit) to his Shuar children. Generation after generation has been practicing for the defense of humanity, focused on the teachings of the ancestors to keep their tradition alive.

Este mundo Sagrado Espiritual tradicional, para la cultura Shuar es un regalo del Padre ARUTAM a sus hijos, que generación tras generación vienen practicando para la defense de toda la humanidad, enfocado con las enseñanzas de los antepasados para mantener viva su tradicion.

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